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State of Colorado
Electrical and Plumbing permit searches.
Please enter the permit number, or the address and city of property.
When searching by valid Permit Number, the Address & City search criteria are ignored.
When searching by Address, the search function will match any part of the address entered, within the selected city.
*NOTE: Please be aware that some cities/counties are NOT inspected by Colorado state inspectors, due to local jurisdiction.
These cities/counties are exempt from state inspections and state permits are not used.
Please click on the FAQ link below, to see a list of counties that are NOT within the state jurisdiction.
Permit Number:
  * Required if not using Address & City
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  * Required - Address & City, if not using Permit Number
The results of a search will provide basic information regarding permits/inspections.
The information returned contains only property, permit and inspection information.
   * Questions?     Check out the Definitions Page or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).