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Details of Decision C08-0248
Number: C08-0248
Title: Decision Adopting Final Rules
Attachments: Errata, Decision Adopting Rules
Mailed Date: 03/07/2008 12:00am
Decision Type: Commission
Proceeding Number Proceeding Title Industry
07R-371G Permanent Rules, Gas Demand-Side Management Gas
Description: A. The Commission Orders That: 1. The Commission adopts the Rules regarding Natural Gas Demand-side Management, pursuant to House Bill 07-1037, enacted as 40-3.2-103 attached to this Order as Attachment A. 2. The rules shall be effective 20 days after publication by the Secretary of State. 3. The opinion of the Attorney General of the State of Colorado shall be obtained regarding the constitutionality and legality of the rules. 4. A copy of the rules adopted by the Order shall be filed with the Office of the Secretary of State for publication in The Colorado Register. The rules shall be submitted to the appropriate committee of the Colorado General Assembly if the General Assembly is in session at the time this Order becomes effective, or to the committee on legal services, if the General Assembly is not in session, for an opinion as to whether the adopted rules conform with 24-4-103, C.R.S. 5. The 20-day time period provided by 40-6-114(1), C.R.S. to file an application for rehearing, reargument or reconsideration shall begin on the first day after the effective date of this Order. 6. This Order is effective upon its Mailed Date. B. ADOPTED IN COMMISSIONERS' WEEKLY MEETING March 5, 2008
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