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Examination Evaluation Questionnaire

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Type of Examination:


1. You received notice of the examination at least six weeks in advance.
If you disagree, when did you receive it?

2. The Division of Banking's notification letter provided you with the necessary information to prepare for the examination.
Please Explain:

3. The examination request list was easy to understand.
If you disagree, what request items were difficult to understand or did you find unnecessary?

4. You were given sufficient time to prepare the requested examination information.
Please Explain:

5. Are there ways we can assist you in preparing for an examination?
Please Explain:


6. You felt the examination was of value to your organization.
Please Explain:

7. The examiner-in-charge (EIC) met with you upon commencement of the examination and fully covered the examination objectives.
Please Explain:

8. Examiners conducted the examination in a professional manner.
Please Explain:

9. The EIC was well organized and conducted an efficient examination.
Please Explain:

10. The EIC presented examination findings succinctly and supported the ratings at the exit conference.
Please Explain:

11. What could we do to improve the examination process?


12. All significant finding and recommendations were contained in the Report of Examination (Report) and discussed with management during the examination.
Please Explain:

13. You were satisfied with the timeliness, substance and tone of the Report, as well as the Report format.
Please Explain:

14. The transmittal letter accompanying the Report was clear and concise.
Please Explain:


15. If you had a reason to interact with the Colorado Division of Banking personnel other than during an examination, were you satisfied with the accuracy, timeliness, and manner in which your business was handled?
Please Explain:

Would you like to be contacted concerning this examination or any other matter?
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