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Natural Gas Pipeline Safety

Call Before You Dig: dial 8-1-1

Call 811 before you dig (Utility Notification Center of Colorado)

The Utility Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. The UNCC membership is made up of underground facility owners and it is funded by these members to act as a messaging center. The UNCC is Colorado's only statewide messaging center and provides a communication link between excavators and underground facility owners before any excavation begins. (See, UNCC website: ).

An integral component of the UNCC's ongoing mission is to promote public awareness and education programs to minimize damage to underground facilities. State statute requires anyone engaged in any type of excavating to notify the facility owner at least two business days, not including the day of the call, prior to excavating.

If a gas pipeline is damaged please contact the pipeline facility owner for proper repairs. If the damage results in a gas leak call 911 or your natural gas company for emergency assistance.

Any concerns or complaints regarding the excavator's or facility damages should be directed to the facility owner.

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