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Educational / Training Guides

Pipeline Safety Training Material:

Colorado Pipeline Basics
Pipeline Construction
Pipeline Land Use Guides
Natural Gas Pipeline Systems: From the wellhead to the consumer
Petroleum Pipeline Systems: From the wellhead to the consumer
Basics of Gas and Oil Exploration
Technologies of gas and oil exploration
Early days of the oil industry

Small System Operator Training Material: 

2012 PHMSA/PUC - Gas Pipeline Safety Seminar  “Pipeline Safety Regulation for Small Operators in Colorado” Presentation

  • Presentation - PDF

NOTE:   If you would like a working Powerpoint version of the presentation (including videos), please contact Joe Molloy directly at 303-894-2852 or



  • Cover letter - PDF

Please complete the survey and return it to the following address by OCTOBER 15, 2010:
Colorado PUC Gas Pipeline Safety Section
Attn: Joe Molloy
1560 Broadway, Suite 250
Denver, CO 80202

If you have questions about the survey, you may contact Mr. Molloy directly at 303-894-2852 or

Please review your records and determine if your system needs an instrument leak survey in 2010

Repair / Pipe Supply Contractors - DOC | PDF
Propane Safety

Small Operator's Guide - Propane
Small Operator's Handbook - Natural Gas

Small Operators Model OQ Plan
Small System - Distribution Integrity Management
Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

2012 Seminar Presentations: 

PUC 2012 Seminar
PUC Seminar Emergency Responder
Gas Incident Event Procedures
DIMP State-Federal Implementation Team Pilot and Initial Inspection Findings
PHMSA Office of Pipeline Safety
Part 191 Reporting Requirements for Natural Gas Pipelines
Part 192 Gas Gathering - PHMSA Jurisdiction Flow Chart 12-29-2009
Part 195 Jurisdiction Flow Chart 10-04-2011
Recent Events and the Road to Reauthorization

Consumer Protection