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Natural Gas Pipeline Safety

Contact Information - Colorado | Federal | Associated Agencies

Colorado PUC Contacts
Federal Contacts

Gas Pipeline Safety Inspectors:

Office of Pipeline Safety:
  • Office of Pipeline Safety
    Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Admin.
    U.S. Department of Transportation, PHP-10
    1200 New Jersey Ave. SE.
    Washington, D.C. 20590

    PHONE - 202-366-4569
    FAX - 202-366-4566

  • Local US DOT Office of Pipeline Safety contacts:
    Tom Finch - 720-963-3175

Incident and Gas Related Event Reporting
  • 303-894-2854 (8am - 5pm)
  • 720-854-9696 (after hours)


  • 1- 800-424-8802 (Incidents Only)
Consumer Protection