Division of Professions and Occupations State of Colorado DORA Division of Professions and Occupations

Registered Governing Boards

  Governing Board/ Committee Name
  Date Registered
  Yuma District Hospital Board   06/10/2013  
  Yampa Valley Medical Center Board of Trustees   06/11/2013  
  Wray Community Hospital District Board of Directors   06/17/2013  
  West Springs Hospital   04/04/2013  
  Western Nephrology QAPI Committee   07/31/2014  
  West Custer County Hospital District   01/22/2015  
  WCIPA Medical Practice Review Committee   06/06/2013  
  Vibra Hospital of Denver   06/30/2013  
  Valley View Hospital Association Board of Trustees   04/18/2013  
  Vail Valley Surgery Center Vail   06/25/2013  
  Vail Valley Surgery Center Edwards   06/25/2013  
  Vail Valley Medical Center Governing Board   06/17/2013  
  USACS-Mountain Division North   02/01/2017  
  USACS-Colorado Mountain South   06/24/2013  
  Urology Surgery Center of Colorado, LLC Governing Board   04/24/2013  
  Upper San Juan Health Service District/ DBA Pagosa Springs Medical Center   06/24/2013  
  University of Colorado Hospital Authority Board of Directors   06/11/2013  
  Uncompahgre Combined Clinics Board of Directors   06/19/2013  
  UCH-MHS Board of Directors   05/16/2013  
  Trinidad Area Health Association dba Mt. San Rafael Hospital Board of Directors   06/25/2013  
  The Urology Center of Colorado   06/18/2013  
  The Pueblo CO Ophthalmology ASC LLC Governing Board   06/28/2013  
  The Memorial Hospital @ Craig Colorado Medical Executive Committee   04/02/2013  
  The Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis   05/31/2013  
  SWCSC governing body   01/15/2015  
  SurgOne, PC   06/28/2013  
  Surgicare of Rose, LLC/ Rose Governing Body   05/21/2013  
  Surgery Center of the Rockies, LLC Governing Board   04/24/2013  
  Surgery Center of Fort Collins Governing Board   04/02/2013  
  Summit View Surgery Center Governing Board   02/17/2014  
  St. Vincent Hospital Board of Directors   06/05/2013  
  St. Thomas More Hospital Board of Trustees   06/05/2013  
  St. Mary's Hospital & Medical Center Board of Directors   02/26/2014  
  St. Mary's Hospital Board of Directors   05/21/2013  
  St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center Medical Staff   06/11/2013  
  St. Anthony North Hospital Board of Trustees   06/13/2013  
  St. Anthony Hospital Board of Directors   05/20/2013  
  Southwest Endoscopy Center Governing Board   10/28/2013  
  Southeast Colorado Hospital District   06/10/2013  
  South Denver Gastroenterology, P.C.   07/11/2013  
  South Denver Anesthesiologists, PC   11/05/2014  
  Skyline Surgery Center Governing Board   06/12/2013  
  Skyline Endoscopy Center Governing Board   06/17/2013  
  Select Specialty Hospitals-Denver/Denver South   02/24/2014  
  Select Colorado Springs   06/27/2013  
  SCL Health-Front Range, Inc   06/20/2013  
  SCHC Governing Board   03/25/2013  
  SASMC Community Board   05/02/2013  
  San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center Peer Review Committee   03/26/2013  
  Salida Hospital District Governing Board of Directors   04/03/2013  
  Rocky Mountain Surgery Center LLC Board of Managers   04/24/2013  
  Rocky Mountain Radiologists, P.C. Peer Review Committee   06/24/2013  
  Rocky Mountain Health Maintenance Organization, Inc.   06/12/2013  
  Rocky Mountain Gastroenterology   12/24/2013  
  Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Peer Review   06/12/2013  
  Rio Grande Hospital Board of Directors   06/19/2013  
  Red Rocks Surgery Center, LLC-Board of Managers   04/24/2013  
  Rangely Hospital District Board of Directors   06/21/2013  
  Pueblo Endoscopy   08/28/2013  
  Prowers County Hospital District Board of Directors   07/01/2013  
  PPAA Peer Review Committee   03/15/2017  
  Poudre Valley Medical Group, LLC d/b/a Colorado Health Medical Group Board   06/24/2013  
  Poudre Valley Health Care, Inc. d/b/a Poudre Valley Hospital   06/24/2013  
  Porter Adventist Hospital Board of Trustees   03/21/2013  
  Platte Valley Medical Center Board of Directors   06/11/2013  
  Pinnacle Surgery Center   07/08/2015  
  Pikes Peak Regional Hospital & Surgery Center   07/01/2013  
  Pikes Peak Endoscopy and Surgery Center   04/22/2014  
  Physician Relations Committee   02/28/2017  
  Peak Vista Community Health Centers   07/05/2013  
  Peak View Behavioral Health Governing Board   07/02/2013  
  Peak One Surgery Center, LLC   06/13/2013  
  PCMS GRIEVANCE   04/05/2013  
  ParkWest Surgery Center Governing Board of Managers   01/10/2014  
  ParkWest Surgery Center Governing Board   01/12/2015  
  Parkview Medical Center Board of Directors   05/21/2013  
  Park Hospital District Board of Directors   06/10/2013  
  Parker Adventist Hospital Board of Trustees   04/24/2013  
  Park Avenue Surgery Center Governing Board   08/20/2013  
  Panorma Orthopedics and Spine Center Peer Review Committee   06/21/2013  
  Palliative Medicine Department Peer Review   06/13/2013  
  OSCOSC Governing Board   06/28/2013  
  OrthoColorado Hospital Board of Managers/OrthoColorado Hospital Board   06/10/2013  
  Northwest Regional ASC   02/12/2015  
  North Suburban Surgery Center Governing Body   04/24/2013  
  Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital Governing Body   06/30/2013  
  Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital   06/30/2013  
  Northern Colorado IPA   03/29/2013  
  Northern Colorado Individual Practice Association   01/15/2014  
  Natural Eyes Laser & Surgery Center   10/07/2013  
  National Jewish Health Board of Directors   03/21/2013  
  Musculoskeletal Surgery Center   05/07/2013  
  Mountain Vista Orthopaedic Surgery Center, LLC and Skyline Surgery Center Joint Governing Board   06/12/2013  
  Mountain Family Health Centers Board of Directors   06/28/2013  
  Midtown Inpatient Medicine Peer Review   06/16/2015  
  Middle Park Medical Center/Kremmling Memorial Hospital District   06/17/2013  
  Metro West Medical Practice Association   06/18/2013  
  Metro Community Provider Network Peer Review Committee   09/08/2014  
  Metro Community Provider Network Board of Directors   09/11/2014  
  Mesa County Physicians IPA, Inc.   06/12/2013  
  Mercy Regional Medical Center Board of Directors   06/18/2013  
  Medical Executive Committee Madison Street Surgery Center   06/26/2013  
  Medical Center of the Rockies   06/24/2013  
  Lutheran Campus ASC, LLC   06/13/2013  
  Lowry Surgery Center, LLC Board of Managers   04/24/2013  
  Lowry Recovery Center, LLC Board of Managers   04/24/2013  
  Lower Valley Hospital Association Governing Board   06/05/2013  
  Longs Peak Surgery Center LLC   01/12/2016  
  Longmont United Hospital Board of Directors   03/22/2013  
  Littleton Adventist Hospital Community Board   03/21/2013  
  Lincoln Surgery Center, LLC Board of Managers   04/25/2013  
  Lincoln Recovery Center, LLC Board of Managers   04/25/2013  
  Kit Carson County Health Service District Board of Directors   06/05/2013  
  Kiowa County Hospital District Board of Directors   07/01/2013  
  Kindred Hospital Denver Governing Board   06/27/2013  
  Kindred Hospital Aurora Governing Board   06/27/2013  
  Keefe Memorial Hospital Governing Board   06/20/2013  
  Huerfano County Hospital District   06/25/2013  
  Highlands Behavioral Hospital   06/26/2013  
  HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Colorado Springs Governing Board   06/17/2013  
  Healthone Ridge View Endoscopy Center,LLC dba South Denver Endoscopy Center   02/28/2014  
  HealthONE Ridge View Endoscopy Center, LLC dba Ridge View Endoscopy Center Governing Body   04/30/2013  
  HCA-HealthOne LLC Board of Trustees   04/24/2013  
  Haxtun Hosptial District   03/21/2013  
  Harvard Park Surgery Center Board of Managers   02/10/2014  
  Harmony Surgery Center, LLC   07/08/2013  
  Gunnison Valley Health Board of Trustees   06/25/2013  
  Greenwood ASC, LLC Governing Body   02/12/2015  
  Grand Valley Surgical Center   12/01/2014  
  Governing Body Board of Managers ParkWest Surgery Center   02/25/2014  
  Governing Board   03/21/2013  
  Golden Ridge Surgery Center LLC Board of Managers   01/29/2015  
  GCA Professional Review Committee   11/05/2015  
  FSC Board of Managers   07/01/2013  
  Front Range Orthopedic Surgery Center, LLC   06/19/2013  
  FROC, P.C.   06/25/2013  
  FREC Peer Review   06/12/2013  
  Foothills Surgery Center Board of Managers   09/05/2013  
  Foothills Health Solutions   07/09/2013  
  Foothills Behavioral Health Partners   07/09/2013  
  Focus Hand and Arm Surgery Center Board of Managers   06/30/2015  
  Flatirons Surgery Center, LLC   02/24/2014  
  Endoscopy Center of Western Colorado   10/14/2013  
  Endo COSP   10/13/2014  
  El Paso County Medical Society   05/06/2013  
  East Phillips County Hospital District Board of Directors   03/21/2013  
  DispatchHealth   06/15/2016  
  Denver Surgicenter LLC dba Denver Endoscopy Center   05/05/2015  
  Denver Surgery Center DBA Denver Endoscopy Center   01/21/2015  
  Denver Midtown Surgical Center, Ltd   05/01/2013  
  Denver Health and Hospital Authority Board of Directors   04/09/2013  
  Delta County Memorial Hospital   07/01/2013  
  CSA board   04/25/2017  
  Crown Point Surgery Center, LLP Board of Managers   01/05/2015  
  Craig Hospital Board of Directors   05/22/2013  
  CPMC Governing Board   03/21/2013  
  COPIC Trust   04/15/2013  
  COPIC Insurance Company   04/15/2013  
  Constellation, Inc. Board of Directors   05/09/2015  
  Conejos County Hosptial Corporation Peer Review Committee   04/11/2013  
  Colorado West Healthcare System, Inc. dba Community Hospital   06/18/2013  
  Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group Peer Review Committee   06/25/2013  
  Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group   06/25/2013  
  Colorado Springs Health Partners Peer Review Committee   06/24/2013  
  Colorado Springs Health Partners Ambulatory Surgery Center Peer Review Commitee   06/24/2013  
  Colorado Plains Medical Center   09/29/2016  
  Colorado Permanente Medical Group Board of Directors   05/09/2013  
  Colorado Orthopedic Risk Management L.L.C.   06/26/2013  
  Colorado Medical Society   05/15/2013  
  Colorado Acute Long Term Hospital   06/25/2013  
  CMHIP Governing Body   07/01/2013  
  CMHI at Ft Logan Governing Body   06/19/2013  
  Clear Creek Surgery Center LLC Board of Managers   04/24/2013  
  Children's North Surgery Center, LLC   02/02/2016  
  Centura Health Physician Group   05/30/2013  
  Centura Health-Penrose-St. Francis Health Services   04/29/2013  
  Centura Health Corporation   05/30/2013  
  Centrum Surgery Center Governing Body   04/24/2013  
  Centennial Peaks Hospital   06/28/2013  
  Cedar Springs Hospital   06/24/2013  
  Castle Rock Adventist Hospital Board of Trustees   04/24/2013  
  Carin' Clinic   03/18/2014  
  Canyon View ASC, LLC - Board of Managers   02/24/2015  
  Canon City Multispecialty ASC LLc governing board   02/27/2014  
  Briargate Surgery Center Governing Board   06/21/2013  
  Briargate Endoscopy Center   04/22/2014  
  Boulder Valley Gastroenterology, LLC   07/25/2014  
  Boulder Medical Center, P.C. Board of Directors   11/10/2016  
  Boulder Community Musculoskeletal Surgery Center MAC/BSC Governing Board   06/13/2013  
  Boulder Community Health Board of Directors   06/11/2013  
  Board of Directors of Southwest Health System, Inc.   03/21/2013  
  Board of Directors of Montrose Memorial Hospital, Inc.   04/01/2013  
  Board of Directors of Eastern Rio Blanco County Health Service District   04/01/2013  
  Board of Directors of Eastern Rilo Blanco County Health Service District   02/18/2017  
  Board of Directors of Children's Hospital Colorado   06/26/2013  
  Board of Directors Grand River Hospital District   05/23/2013  
  Black Canyon Surgical Center Governing Body   03/28/2013  
  Beacon Health Options Quality of Care Committee   05/11/2016  
  Banner Medical Group Colorado Governing Board   06/27/2013  
  Banner Health Board of Directors   06/12/2013  
  AVSC   06/26/2013  
  Avista Adventist Hospital Board of Trustees   05/28/2013  
  Audubon CRC   07/25/2013  
  Aspen Valley Hospital District   06/19/2013  
  Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center Board of Directors   06/19/2013  
  Arete Surgical Center   09/22/2013  
  Arapahoe Endoscopy Center Governing Board   10/14/2015  
  Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Credentialing/Peer Review Committee   05/31/2013  
  AMIC Peer Review Committee   06/19/2013  
  Alpine Surgery Center LLC   02/25/2014  
  Advanced Care Hospital of Northern Colorado Board of Managers   06/30/2013  

213 registered governing boards found.


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