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About Webcasts

Information is provided below to assist viewers in accessing Public Utilities Commission (PUC) webcasts. Please contact your Internet Service Provider if you still have access problems after reading this information.

Delayed Transmission
Webcasting is the real time or near real time transmission or streaming of audio and audiovisual works in digital format over the Internet. The PUC Webcast transmission will have an approximate one-minute delay time in reaching viewers.

Media Player Conflicts
WINAMP and filenames with an ASX extension can interfere with the installation and operation of Media Player. Delete these programs through the Add/Remove Programs application in Windows prior to installing Media Player.

Audio Noises/Problems
While listening to the audio stream there may be background voices, muffled voices or static. These noises may be caused by open microphones picking up voices in the audience, people not speaking directly into the microphone, the shuffling of papers, and/or the quality of your connection line. Even if your connection is not fast enough to receive the video feed, your connection might be fast enough to receive the audio of the audio-video webcast. This audio will be better quality than the audio-only feed.

Video Delays/Problems
Only computers with relatively high-speed Internet connections will be able to access the webcast. Contact your Internet Service Provider if you are unsure about your connection speed. Using multiple applications through the Internet while trying to access the Webcast may delay the transmission.

MAC Users
Users of Apple computers may experience problems accessing our live feed webcasts.
An Apple vendor using free VLC Player has reported that they successfully tested access to our webcasts when other players had failed.

Downloading Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player version 7.01 or higher must be installed in your system to access PUC webcasts. Windows Media Player version 9 or 10 are recommended. Click below for instructions on how to install Media Player. Please note that Windows 95 and Windows 3.1 will not support Windows Media Player version 7.01 or higher.

Download Windows Media Player from Microsoft


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