Decisions Library

Direct access to the Library of Decision Files is no longer available
Access COPUC decisions via the following methods:
Recent and Historical Decisions

See PUC E-Filings for access to Decisions issued after August 8, 2000.

  • Search for Decisions within the PUC E-Filings system. Decisions are also found using Proceeding (Docket) searches and Document searches within the E-Filings system.

  • You may save an E-Filings search in in order to be notified of new filings of decisions and other documents that meet the criteria of your search.

  • See High Profile Dockets for links to zipped archives of decisions of more recent historical, high profile dockets - filenames are styled: {DocketNo}

    • See Legacy Dockets for links to zipped archives of decisions of legacy (historical) high profile dockets.

HELP with Zipped archives

Historical Decisions
  • Click Select Decisions at left for a given year, to access decisions that are NOT accessible via the PUC E-Filings system. ("Select" indicates that a limited number of decisions from that year are available in electronic format.) Decisions are sorted by Commissioners' decisions showing initial "C" while Administrative Law Judge or Hearing Commissioner decisions show initial "R".

  • All PUC decisions may be viewed in our office in bound Decision Books, and if not already available in electronic format, may be scanned by Staff on request.

  • As older decisions are scanned, we will populate the historical pages with links to the newly scanned decisions.

  • See also the Dockets Index to browse databases to find docket numbers and associated decision numbers for matters you are researching.
Decision File Naming Conventions - Specifics
  • The naming convention of files is by DecisionNo_DocketNo(s).doc or .pdf
    (e.g., C02-0103_02R-051T.doc). Decisions show leading zeros to four places.

  • For attachments we append the attachment "letter" to the decision number as DecisionNoA_DocketNo(s).doc or .pdf (e.g., C11-0232A_10R-0191T.pdf)
    DecisionNoB_DocketNo(s).doc or .pdf (e.g., C11-0232B_10R-0191T.pdf)
    DecisionNoC_DocketNo(s).doc or .pdf (e.g., C11-0232C_10R-0191T.doc)

    If an attachment shows redline/strikeout of some text, a clean version may be provided and appear as:
    DecisionNoCclean_DocketNo(s).doc or .pdf (e.g., C11-0232Cclean_10R-0191T.doc)

  • For errata, we append -E to the decision number as DecisionNo-E_DocketNo(s).doc or .pdf (e.g., R11-0144-E_10A-375CP-XFER_10F-595CP.doc).

    An errata attachment is designated DecisionNo-EA_DocketNo(s).doc or .pdf (e.g., R11-0410-I-EA_11AL-151G.doc or R11-0322-EA_10A-488T.pdf)